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Task Force

Statement of Purpose

The Strategic Plan Collaboration Task Force is directed to:

  • Evaluate OPAL’s relationship with OhioLink.
  • Schedule meetings with OhioLink leadership to address OPAL’s concerns
  • Assess OPAL’s current relationship with OHIONET to insure that OPAL is fully utilizing the resources offered by OhioNET.
  • Include OhioNET staff in OPAL Directors Council meeting
  • List OhioNET staff and their areas of expertise on the OPAL website
  • Identify and evaluate existing OPAL partnerships in the areas of technology, service, and content.
  • Identify and assess other regional consortia and associations for potential membership in an expanded OPAL consortium.
  • Market OPAL concept to other private academic libraries.
  • Investigate ways to market the OPAL concept to member library patrons and administration

Each of these points is discussed in further detail beginning on page three of the final report.


  • Fran Fleet
  • Mary Jean Johnson
  • Sheila Ellenberger
  • Steven Shaw
  • Matt Polcyn