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Upcoming meetings, workshops, and other events.

Past OPAL Conferences

2013 (14th Annual Conference)

“Creativity and Collaboration” at CCAD

2012 (13th Annual Conference)

“Swimming with the Sharks Without Ending Up on the Menu” at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Hosting Librarian: LuAnn Boris, Assistant Director, Franciscan University of SteubenvilleJohn Paul II Library

Conference planning: LuAnn Boris, Franciscan; Bill Jakub, Franciscan; Sheila Ellenberger, Muskingum; Willette Stinson, Wilberforce; Steve Keneally, Mount Union; Bob Garland, Mount Union; Cheryl Paine, Mount Union; Chris Mannix, CCAD; Cheri Bronkar, Muskingum; Kathy Donohue, Franciscan;

OPAL Service Award Recipients: Betsy Salt, Otterbein; Nicole Robinson, Muskingum.

2011 (12th Annual Conference)

“Uncommon Learning in the Information Commons” at University of Mount Union

Host Librarian:  Bob Garland, Director, University of Mount Union Library

OPAL Service Award Recipient: Jamie Lattimer, Urbana

2010 (11th Annual Conference)

“That was Then, This is Now ...” at Urbana University, Urbana, OH

Host Librarian: Julie McDaniel, Library Director, Swedenborg Memorial Library
Conference planning: Julie McDaniel, Urbana, Chair; Jamie Lattimer, Urbana; Leslie Jankowski, CCAD; Laurie Repp, Heidelberg; Carla Birkhimer, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Stan Terhune (Malone)

2009 (10th Annual Conference)

“Think Outside the Book – Do More With Less” at Lourdes College

Host librarian: Sr. Sandra Rutkowski, Library Director, Duns Scotus Library
Conference planning: Sr. Sandra Rutkowski, Lourdes College, Chair; Tom Adamich, Muskingum; Barb Sedlock, Defiance; Audra Hammond, Bluffton; Deborah Johnson, Mercy; Karen Mohar, Lourdes

OPAL Service Award Recepient – Barb Sedlock (Defiance)

OPAL Essential Piece Special Recognition – Tracy Koenig (Athenaeum)

2009 Conference Links
» Pre-conference Program
» Conference Program
» Snark Hunting: Using Millennium for Annual Statistics
Presenter: Matt Polcyn, Director Technology Services, OHIONET.

2008 (9th Annual Conference):

“OPAL 2.0 – Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future” at Pontifical College Josephinum

Host librarian: Peter Veracka, Library Director, A. T. Wehrle Memorial Library
Conference planning: Peter Veracka, Pontifical College Josephinum, Chair; Allen Reichert, Otterbein; Zelda Patterson, Muskingum; Beverly Lane, Pontifical College Josephinum; Collette Knight, Defiance; Aija Bjornson, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Andrew Whitis (Muskingum)

2008 Conference Links

» Pilgrim’s Progress: From Library to Learning Commons
Presenter: Dan Suvak, Associate Dean for Library Services, Walsh University.
» Picturing Your Library a 1,000 Ways
Presenter: Allen Reichert, Electronic Access Librarian, Otterbein College.
» Podcasting: It’s Easier Than You Think
Presenter: Andrew Whitis, Head of User Services, Muskingum College.
» 2008 Photo Gallery

2007 (8th Annual Conference):

“OPAL ‘007 – That Special ‘Bond'” at Wilmington College

Host librarian: Jean Mulhern, Library Director, Watson Library

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Jennie Thomas (Athenaeum)

» Presenters
» Program

2006 (7th Annual Conference):

“Special Collections, Special People: Celebrating the Unique” at Bluffton University

Keynote: Jim Gerencser, College Archivist Library Srvs, Dickinson College, discussed the Dickinson Chronicles project
Host librarian: Mary Jean Johnson, Library Director, Musselman Library

OPAL Service Award Recipients – Zelda Patterson (Muskingum)

2006 Conference Links
» Extra! Extra!: coming catalog enhancements
Presenter: Matt Polcyn, Director Technology Services, OHIONET.

2005 (8th Annual Conference):

“Strength From Within” at Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Keynote: Tom Peters, CEO, TAP Information Services (“Collaboration and Consortia: The Potential and the Pitfalls”)
Pre-conference: evening reception and speaker, Columbus College of Art & Design (John Burke, “Extreme Makeover”)
Host librarian: Rebecca Ayers, Library Director, Mt. Carmel Health Sciences Library
Conference planning: Rebecca Ayers, Mt. Carmel, Chair; Stevo Roksandic, Mt. Carmel; Carolyn Tarpey, Mt. Carmel; Susan Jenkins, CCAD; Patty Rothermich, Otterbein; Rebecca Raeske-Grinch, Otterbein.

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Lois Szudy (Otterbein)

OPAL Essential Piece Special Recognition – Matt Polcyn (OHIONET)

Additional 2005 Conference Links
» OPAL SWOT (PowerPoint)
» 2005 Conference Evaluation

2004 (5th Annual Conference):

“Finding OPAL” at Muskingum College

Keynote: Tom Kirk, Library Director & Coordinator of Information Services, Earlham College
Pre-conference: afternoon area activities and evening training (statistics)
Host librarian: Sheila Ellenberger, Library Director, Muskingum College Library
Conference planning: Sheila Ellenberger, Muskingum, Chair; Judith Gaydos, Muskingum; Margaret Hasenmyer, Antioch; Susan Jenkins, CCAD; Lois Szudy, Otterbein; Charlene Willey, Malone.

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Mary Jean Johnson (Bluffton)

2004 Conference Links
» Millennium Statistics…fun for all!!
Presenter: Matt Polcyn, Director Technology Services, OHIONET.

2003 (4th Annual Conference):

“OPAL 5th Anniversary” at Tiffin University

Keynote: Scottie Cochran, Director of Libraries, Denison College
Pre-conference: Millennium Serials training
Host librarian: Fran Fleet, Library Director, Tiffin University Library

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Jane Wu (Otterbein)

2002 (3rd Annual Conference):

“OPAL: The Next Generation” at Mount Union College

Keynote: Phyllis Bova-Spies, Vice President of Collection Management Services, OCLC
Host librarian: Robert Garland, Library Director, Mount Union Library

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Bruce Weaver (DeVry)

2001 (2nd Annual Conference):

“Boldly Into The Future” at Otterbein College

Panel: OPAL Vision
Host librarian: Lois Szudy, Library Director, Otterbein College Library

OPAL Service Award Recipient – Tony Bandy (OHIONET)

2000 (1st Annual Conference):

“Meet Your ‘O’PALs” at Otterbein College

Host librarian: Lois Szudy, Library Director, Otterbein College Library website

OPAL Service Award Recipients – Kathleen Aufderhaar (Bluffton) and Sr. Deborah Harmeling (Athenaeum)