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Cataloging Manual

Appendix K:

Exceptions to OPAL Cataloging Standards and Procedures

  1. Retain or add |g in enhanced 505 formatted contents note fields so that initial articles of titles and miscellaneous information contained in this sub-field such as volume numbers, chapter numbers, etc. will not be indexed in OPAL.
  2. URLs for locally subscribed materials should be placed in the ITEM FLD variable length field in an item record with a 856 tag and the appropriate indicators. In addition, the item record should be suppressed from OhioLINK using ICODE2=-z.
    URLs for freely available content can be placed in a 856 field in the bibliographic record. Any OPAL cataloger encountering a restricted-access resource in a bib record 856 is free to remove the 856 without asking any of the holding libraries.
    The ONLY exception to this is for the OPAL Ebsco Academic ebook collection - URLs are placed in an 956 field in the bibliographic record.
  3. MARC Records for the following content should not be loaded into the OPAL catalog:
  • Databases
  • Websites
  • Electronic journals
  • Images