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Automatic Patron Load Process

Here’s an overview of how the process would work.  On a recurring basis:

  1. Your IT department produces a data file with all pertinent details for its users (barcodes, ID numbers, addresses, etc.).
  2. Your IT department stores this file on a secure FTP server locally or with OhioNET
  3. OhioNET retrieves and processes the file into a format required by Innovative (III).
  4. OhioNET loads the formatted records.
  5. Library staff review the records and take any necessary action based on the results.

Except for the final review process, all steps must be completed without human intervention.  Specifically, in Step 1, the data file must be created through a scheduled scripting process or database query, not by a manual extraction. This ensures consistency in the data and reduces the margin of error.

In addition to that requirement, the data file will need to be placed on a secure server for retrieval via SFTP or FTP-SSL. This server may be one hosted by your IT department, accessible to OhioNET (outside your network). This may require adjustments to your firewall or other network security tools. Alternatively, OhioNET provides an FTP server if a locally-hosted option is not desirable.

NOTE: When naming your files please use the following format (substituting your library name where it says LIBRARY)
             Example: LIBRARY_pats.txt

Libraries interested in pursuing automated patron loads can contact for  more information.