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Patron Loads

To simplify the delivery of patron data files to OhioNET while still maintaining the security of patron's private data, we have implemented a secure web-based file delivery form. This form is encrypted end-to-end with a high-strength SSL certificate to ensure that your patron records are delivered safely and securely. Please remember that each OPAL library is limited to two file submissions per academic session.

If you require more frequent data loads, please contact OPALhelp to inquire about automating the patron data load process. Libraries interested in setting up automatic patron loads can read more about the requirements for that process here.

Instructions for Submission

  • Ensure your patron data conforms to your established profile.
  • Use the form to the right to upload and submit your patron data.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your data has been received.
  • OPALHelp will contact you once your patron data is uploaded or if there is an issue.
Secured by: SendThisFile

Patron Load Profiles

All OPAL libraries are required to submit patron data according to the agreed upon profile. You can download a copy of your profile below. If any changes or updates need to be made to your load profile, please contact OPALHelp.