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User Services

Community of Interest

Statement of Purpose

As the committee responsible for working directly with the users, this committee recommends revisions, enhancements, and selection of the products OPAL makes publicly available, including but not limited to: public interfaces with the OPAL catalog; screen display; search capabilities; database access and display; tutorials; and other online features. The committee also serves as an advisory body as requested by the Directors’ Council, other committees, and task forces on matters relating to user services.

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  • Alaine Kay
  • Alan Zahorsky
  • Alyssa Mitchell
  • Beverly Lane
  • Catherine Carlson
  • Charles Vesei
  • Christine Mannix
  • Connie Song
  • Deborah Johnson
  • Jessica Crossfield McIntosh
  • Ken Wright
  • Kevin Mulhall
  • Kris Owens
  • Kristin Cole
  • Laurie Repp
  • Linda Hatfield
  • LuAnn Boris
  • Nainsí Houston
  • Nicole Arnold
  • Nimisha Bhat
  • Patsy Kiros
  • Patti Kinsinger
  • Rebecca Quintus