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OPAL Updates and Tips

OPAL UPDATE May 15, 2020

by Heidi Beke-Harrigan on 2020-05-19T18:46:00-04:00 in Grants, Cataloging | Comments

Take the State Call for Proposals


While we have a number of proposals for presentations, there’s only one proposal from OPAL. Help represent OPAL at our first inter-consortium conference – submit your session ideas on the Call for Proposals conference webpage.

If a shorter, less formal presentation is appealing, consider our new Blitz Session format. These quick, 5-8 minute pre-recorded presentations will be made available for viewing before and during the conference. In lieu of a formal presentation during the conference, Blitz Presenters will host a Q&A session to dialog with attendees (similar to a live poster session conversation). Submit your idea or view additional details on our Call for Blitz Sessions  conference webpage.

COI's: If you would like to meet, please also submit that as a presentation to hold your space in the schedule.

Share Your Budget Realities With Vendors
In light of the state’s recent announcement about budget decreases, and the conversations we have been having with many of you over the past weeks, OhioNET is working on a statement to provide to our vendor partners informing them of the financial crises you are facing and asking them to reconsider product pricing increases this year.

To support this statement, we would like to collect information about your budgetary situation via this optional short survey:

All information provided to OhioNET will be anonymized prior to being shared, unless you elect to identify yourself and your institution. The survey will be open from, May 13, through next Wednesday, May 20. Any data you can provide will allow us to better advocate for your organization as we work with our vendor partners. Please contact with any questions. Thank you for your consideration!


OhioLINK Renewal Clarification 
There have been some questions about the Resumption of Print Lending Project Team (RPLPT) and ICS suggestions to increase the maximum number of renewals for OhioLINK to 14. The Circuation COI decided OPAL would NOT increase our max number of renewals and instead will individually keep an eye on things and deal with as needed. Details of the discussion can be found in the meeting minutes.

$15 Million in Grants Now Available for Museum and Library Services
IMLS CARES Act Grants for Museums and Libraries support museums and libraries in addressing their communities’ immediate and future needs caused by the pandemic. Projects may focus on preserving jobs, training staff, addressing the digital divide, planning for reopening, or providing technical support and capacity building for digital inclusion and engagement. Applicants are encouraged to prioritize services for high-need communities.

Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces
The CDC has documenation available to provide a general framework for cleaning and disinfection practices, including guidance for colleges and universities. Also included is a list of EPA-approved disinfectants against COVID-19 and an infographic on how to safely and effectively use disinfectant products.

Highlights from the Cataloging COI Meeting

If you missed the meeting recently, a summary can be found on the Cataloging COI page and the minutes are in the Meeting Documents section. The group discussed changing OCLC encoding levels, local authority work and budgets.

Also explored were the benefits of setting electronic holdings information in OCLC. Accurate information in WorldCat makes it easier to see what's available and fulfill ILL requests based on licensing. Reach out to for assistance with setting that up.

Dai Newman of CCAD will take over as the next Cataloging COI coordinator.

May is Mental Health Month
Now is a good time to check in with yourself and give your emotional well-being a nudge.

  • NPR correspondent Sarah McCammon talked with people who’ve lived with looming uncertainty. How did they get through it? What lessons did they learn? She compiled what she learned in a podcast episode: 7 Tips for Dealing with Uncertainty
  • How to Combat Zoom Fatigue
  • Calm Together - The Calm app has created a page of free meditations, sleep stories, movement exercises, journals and music (scroll down page)
  • The National Institute of Mental Health has a variety of resources, including information on coping with COVID-19


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