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OPAL Updates and Tips

OPAL Update April 30, 2020

by Heidi Beke-Harrigan on 2020-04-30T13:50:00-04:00 in Pubmed, OPAL Digital Collections, Resources, Communities of Interest (COIs) | Comments


Looking forward with a new conference format, training opportunities and Community of Interest conversations:


ACTING WITH AGENCY: Coordinating, Preparing, Doing


Save the date 2020 OPAL-PALNI Virtual Conference August 7


Fill out the quick survey and let us know now we can make this a great conference for you. The planning committee appreciates your feedback!

Universal Templates for Meeting Minutes
Because tables can be tricky for accessibility and screen readers, we've simplified things and created a universal template that can be used for all OPAL-related meetings.  It's located on the COI pages and in the Templates boxes throught the website.

Highlights from the Circulation COI Meeting
If you missed the meeting last week a summary can be found on the Circulation COI page and the full draft minutes are in the Meeting Documents section. A wide range of topics were covered from auto-renewals to GLBA regulations, thinking about the resumption of print lending and how all of this is affecting student workers.

Wiley ebook Access Issues
Due to Wiley's Content-Security-Policy configuration and how that affects EZproxy, some libraries have reported access issues with Wiley ebooks. We opened a ticket with Wiley to address this issue and believe we have a fix in place for EZproxy. OhioLINK reports that their request for an update to Wiley's EZProxy stanzas was also completed this week. If you continue to experience problems please contact

New PubMed Will Become Default May 18th
In mid-May the new interface will become the default search platform for PubMed. For training needs the Trainer's Toolkit has tips, quick tours and handouts available to get you started.

If you preivously set up Outside Tool for customized linking to your full-text holdings in PubMed you'll want to make sure you change your A-Z lists, libguides etc. to the Outside Tool link for the new PubMed. It should have been sent to you when NLM confirmed the tool set-up. The URLs start with https//[your custom abbreviation].  If you have questions about this or the difference between using Outside Tool and the Medline and PubMed links listed in the OhioLINK database list, please reach out to Heidi at

OhioNET Training Archive: Waht's New & What's Leaving in May
In an effort to bring added value to our members and the communities they serve, OhioNET has opened its Training Archive - a repository of the last 12 months of recorded webinars and professional development resources - to all member institutions through June 30, 2020. To access the Training Archive, you will need an individual OhioNET user account. Sign up for an account through our website, or access the archive directly with an existing account. See what's new (hint: copyright) and catch-up on items that will expire soon on our update page.

Tips from Across the Library Landscape

The COVID-19 Cyber Threat Coalition is a global volunteer community focused on stopping bad actors and criminals from attacking critial institutions. They issue regular advisories and maintain a threat blog.

Crowd in street outside barbershop

New collection added to Antiochiana in the OPAL Digital Collections - Gegner Barbershop Protests

Upcoming Meetings

  • 5/7 OhioLINK Lead Implementers' Meeting
  • 5/14 OPAL Executive Committee Meeting

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