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Cataloging COI

Community of Interest

Cataloging COI Updates - Spring 2022

Summary of the latest updates, best practice suggestions and decisions from the Cataloging COI meetings and discussions:Cataloging COI Updates

  • Another batch of merged print records has accumulated and requires our collective attention for clean-up. OhioNet will send out a spreadsheet to volunteers with the list of items and instructions. Update: We've updated the script that identifies the merged records so that it also actually does the merges. The only ones it doesn't merge are those with local notes, attached order or checkin records, or titles where one of the items attached are linked to multiple bibs. As a result we're down to just 118 records and the support team will work on cleaning up the remaining records.

  • No suggestions or requests were made for additional indexing as part of the 264 field index update project with Innovative (after confirmation that Lexile 521 and Genre 655 fields are keyword indexed). While a few institutions are interested in setting up an additional genre - specific index, that is a separate project at significant annual expense. With a potential system change on the horizon the consensus is to hold off on this.

  • The monthly maintenance report for print items on ebook bibs will be sent out (via Oshare) regularly for member review. Fix your records and send anything related to OCLC Collection Manager record loading to the attention of The duplicate OCLC report will also continue to go out monthly. OhioNet will take care of the record merging and we ask you to review the report to resolve any underlying issues causing the duplication.

  • Make sure the ICODE1 you selected to designate your locally purchased ebook/emedia resources (EBSCO, JSTOR, Kanopy, Swank etc) is not being applied to any print materials. The codes we have on file for you are listed in the Cataloging Manual Appendix D.

  • The Cataloging COI needs a new coordinator and scribe starting July 1, 2022.

  • Next meeting Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 10 am (planned as virtual for now).

Statement of Purpose

The Cataloging COI establishes and maintains standards, policies, and procedures that ensure high quality bibliographic records in the OPAL online catalog. The Cataloging COI recommends policies for record selections, input, and deletion, in accord with OhioLINK directives, and plans and implements modifications to catalog records in response to changes in accepted cataloging practices and system enhancements.

Policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the OhioNet Director of Technology Services and are published and maintained in an online cataloging manual. The COI also serves as an advisory body to the Directors’ Council, works in collaboration with other OPAL groups with shared interests, and regularly disseminates its work through OPAL communication channels.