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Cataloging COI

Community of Interest

Cataloging COI Updates - Spring 2021

Summary of the latest updates, best practice suggestions and decisions from the Cataloging COI meetings and discussions:Cataloging COI Updates

  • There was no response from public services regarding changing the eBook links from « View online » to « view online all OPAL libraries ». Dai will draft a proposal to make the change and submit to the DC. 

  • The group discussed Alternative Subject Terms for Outdated / Offensive Subject Terms and whether the OhioLINK solution of adding keywords in an indexed 653 field should be applied to our shared catalog as well. Other alternatives include taking no action or replacing the terms entirely. Matt Polcyn, Elizabeth Zeitz and Frank Bove are exploring the options, their impact and requirements, and will draft an action plan for the EC/DC.

  • With new libraries coming into OPAL, the number of merged print records from OCLC (one bib merged into another), that need to be manually merged has grown.  A number of members have volunteered to help clean these up and will work through the process with Susan.

  • What opportunities exist to return to our collaborative roots and expand conversations (and potentially projects) with colleagues working in access and discovery? As a first step, a proposal has been submitted for a Conversation Group session during the 2021 OPAL Conference.

  • Some of the planned updates to the Cataloging Standards still need attention:

    • Survey members on use of FAQ. What information do members need?

    • More information regarding topics and links to RDA/BIBFRAME, Original Cataloging vs. Copy Cataloging, overwriting bibs, etc.

  • Elizabeth Zeitz (Otterbein) has agreed to continue as the scribe. We still need a coordinator for the coming year.

  • Next meeting Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 10 am (virtual).

Statement of Purpose

The Cataloging COI establishes and maintains standards, policies, and procedures that ensure high quality bibliographic records in the OPAL online catalog. The Cataloging COI recommends policies for record selections, input, and deletion, in accord with OhioLINK directives, and plans and implements modifications to catalog records in response to changes in accepted cataloging practices and system enhancements.

Policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the OhioNet Director of Technology Services and are published and maintained in an online cataloging manual. The COI also serves as an advisory body to the Directors’ Council, works in collaboration with other OPAL groups with shared interests, and regularly disseminates its work through OPAL communication channels.