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Circulation COI

Community of Interest

Circulation COI Updates - Spring 2020

Summary of the latest updates, best practice suggestions and decisions from the Circulation COI meetings and discussions:Circulation COI Updates

  • The OPAL strategic planning committee would like circulation input from circulation staff. Please submit your thoughts and ideas to Laura D'Amato. 

  • Five OPAL libraries (Walsh, Bluffton, Ursuline, John Carroll, and Tiffin) have implemented auto renewals and it seems to be working well. Nothing to do to prep in advance if your institution wants to move forward, other than to consider items that should be excluded (equipment etc.). Let opalhelp know when you are ready and they will work with you (lots of behind-the-scenes work with the loan rule table).
  • Several institutions are addressing GLBA regulations & information security. The GLBA is a United States federal law that requires financial institutions to explain how they share and protect their customers’ private information. Libraries should make sure they aren’t exposing patron information.
  • In response to the Resumption of Print Lending Project Team (RPLPT) and ICS suggestions to increase max # of renewals for OhioLINK to 14, the group decided we would NOT increase our max number of renewals and instead will individually keep an eye on things and deal with as needed.
  • The Resumption of Print Lending Project Team (RPLPT) is continuing to gather information about how OhioLINK institutions are altering library services and OPAL members are encouraged to update their information. The collected responses from libraries are being used to help make recommendations related to OhioLINK print lending and to determine benchmarks for the eventual re-start of OhioLINK lending. 
  • How is all of this affecting student workers? Libraries are keeping in touch with students via text and email. Some OPAL libraries (Malone, Ursuline, BW, Walsh, and Otterbein) mentioned being able to keep students on payroll for now, but other institutions have not been able to do that. Graduating seniors are being recognized in a variety of ways - mailed gifts, messages of thanks, photo collages and video messages.
  • Next meeting Wednesday, October 14 from 10:30am-1:30pm

The full meeting minutes can be found under the Meeting Documents tab.

Statement of Purpose

The OPAL Circulation COI is comprised of individuals who perform circulation related duties in their libraries within the consortium. Its mission is to create circulation related policies that are beneficial to both circulation staff and library users, to provide a valuable resource pool for system related questions and best practices, and to serve as a forum for networking within the consortium. This mission is achieved through regular meetings with open discussions of pertinent and relevant topics, with guidance from the OPAL staff members and the OPAL Directors’ Council.


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