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Circulation COI

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Circulation COI Updates - Spring 2021

Summary of the latest updates, best practice suggestions and decisions from the Circulation COI meetings and discussions:Circulation COI Updates

  • Preferred name option in Sierra
    Using a preferred name may better reflect patrons' wishes. There are a number of ways to accomplish this:
    • Defining a new, preferred name field would require involving Innovative, additional costs and re-indexing. All OPAL libraries would have to agree on this option to move forward. 
    • In the meantime it's possible to re-use the "name" field in the patron record. 

      The name that is in the first position controls what displays. As long as the preferred name is listed first, it will show up first in the patron record view and be the source for brief bibs, notices etc. Changing patron display options can invert the order of the names and "undo" this work-around.

    • Institutions with automated patron loads would need to work with their campus IT, to consistently include preferred names in their patron load information and let know about any changes, so that scripts can be adjusted.

  • There has been no noticeable effect of being fine free on high-demand items. Most (if not all) OPAL Libraries are still charging for lost/damaged items or asking for replacement copies. If OhioLINK materials are lost/damaged, and the lending library accepts replacements, this is the preferred course of action over charging fines. To go fine free, submit a help request to update your library's loan rules.

  • Preservation of paper and electronic files for records retention was discussed. Noreen (Mount Carmel) has a framework she will share with the group that includes relevant guidelines.

  • What is circulation's role in the creation of annual reports?
    • Circulation is a key aspect of annual reporting, and everyone is scrambling to articulate value amidst decreasing circ numbers accelerated by the pandemic. Tracking new services or usage can offset decreases in traditional services/usage.
    • OhioNET provides circulation statistics for ACRL/IPEDS reports.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday, October 13 at 10:30am.

The full meeting minutes can be found under the Meeting Documents tab.

Statement of Purpose

The OPAL Circulation COI is comprised of individuals who perform circulation related duties in their libraries within the consortium. Its mission is to create circulation related policies that are beneficial to both circulation staff and library users, to provide a valuable resource pool for system related questions and best practices, and to serve as a forum for networking within the consortium. This mission is achieved through regular meetings with open discussions of pertinent and relevant topics, with guidance from the OPAL staff members and the OPAL Directors’ Council.


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Circulation COI Coordinator

Scribe: Claire Ballinger

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