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Directors' Council


Working Groups

Working groups include library directors and library staff as needed for their expertise and insight to drive not only conversation but activities. Working groups work in between meetings to ensure progress is made, and submit written updates to the Executive Committee to be included as part of the Directors' Council consent agenda. Working groups may meet and/or collaborate with other working groups on Directors Council meeting dates as necessary. 


Objective: Evaluate OPAL programs, projects, and activities.

Members: Michael Butler, Stevo Roksandic, Tiffany Lipstreu

2017 June Report

2017 March Report


Marketing & Communications

Objective: Maintain website content and create digital/print collateral and promotional items to tell our story.

Members: Andrew Whitis, Catie Carlson, David W. Green, Leslie Jankowski, Nainsí Houston, Peter Veracka

2017 June Report

2017 March Report


Outreach & Relationships

Objective: Cultivate relationships with all Ohio private academic libraries, maintain existing relationships, and identify other library organizations to partner with to achieve common goals.

Members: Bob Garland, Deb Johnson, LuAnn Boris, Rebecca Fort

2017 March Report


Shared Expertise

Objective: Encourage sharing of library staff time and/or expertise.

Members: Chuck Vesei, Connie Song, Lisa Crumit-Hancock, Mary Jean Johnson

2017 March Report


Core Documents