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Executive Committee



The Executive Committee (EC) includes officers elected by the Directors' Council, two non-voting Community of Interest (COI) representatives appointed by the Executive Committee, and the Director of Technology Services and Member Services of OhioNet, ex officio. The Committee superintends the implementation of the strategic plan, makes recommendations to the Directors’ Council, and generally oversees the affairs of the Directors’ Council between its business meetings.


Voting Member Title Email
Nainsi Houston Chair
Carla Sarratt Vice-Chair
Laurie Repp Recording Secretary

Connie Song At-Large & COI Liaison
Ex Officio Title Email
Nancy Kirkpatrick Executive Director/CEO, OhioNet
Matt Polcyn Director of Technology Services, OhioNet
Christine Morris Deputy Director, OhioNet
Kristin Cole (Otterbein) Onboarding, Training and Mentoring Coordinator

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