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Members Guide

Onboarding for newcomers and reference for everyone!

Navigate Key Tasks

Use this guide to get to know OPAL, sign up for a mailing lists, and to learn about the resources available to you. Also learn how we work together so that you can get involved in OPAL. You will also find resources such as the Organization Manual listed under Core Documents.

New or Changing Positions in OPAL

Completing the tasks listed below can be a helpful starting point. Get more details about various functions in the Roles section.

Peer Mentoring and Shared Expertise

The On-boarding, Training and Mentoring Coordinator (OTM), is available to pair new OPAL library staff or those new to a position or project with an experienced library staff member who performs comparable tasks, for peer sharing and mentoring. Because of the unique needs of OPAL members, our mentoring program is less structured and more flexible. This allows us to provide a more customized approach. Want a short term arrangement, several perspectives, online, in-person? It's all possible.

New to OPAL

  • Send OhioNet new member information by completing this form
  • Join an OPAL Community of Interest (COI) for your practice area by contacting the coordinator
  • New directors need to select a working group by contacting the group leader
  • Request training
  • Sign up for OPAL email lists and the OPAL Updates & Tips Blog
  • Request that your Lead Implementor or Director arrange for specific permissions (Find leads for each institution by searching the OPAL Directory and filtering by Lead Implementer.)
    • OhioNet Support for Sierra Permissions
    • OhioLINK for OStaff
    • Get log-in and password for the  Sierra manual on CSDirect

Changing Positions in Your Library

  • Update your OPAL profile in the Directory
  • Update your OPAL email lists
  • Update your Communities of Interest
  • Request training and read more about your new role in the positions section (to the right)
  • Request a mentor
  • Request any necessary permissions changes for Sierra through OhioNet support
  • Contact OhioLINK for any oStaff permissions or other changes


Get started, find out more about specific roles within OPAL, and access commonly used templates.

Core Documents