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Members Guide

Onboarding for newcomers and reference for everyone!

You can use this guide to read about the history of OPAL, sign up for a mailing list, learn more about how we work together through COIs, Task Forces, and Working Groups in OPAL, and see upcoming events.

New to OPAL?  Be sure to check out the resources listed on the right as well. The Organization Manual and new member checklists to the right are good starting points.

The On-boarding, Training and Mentoring Coordinator (OTM), Rebecca Quintus (University of Findlay), is also available to pair new OPAL library staff or those new to a position with an experienced library staff member who performs comparable tasks, for peer sharing and mentoring. 

Role of OPAL Lead Implementors

In any collaborative program, efficient and effective communication is important.  But in an environment of shared systems, this is especially true.  To ensure exchange of information within OPAL is consistent and reciprocal, each library has a lead implementor to serve as a designated coordinator for OPAL's shared systems.  In general, the lead implementor:

  • Serves as the primary coordinator and liaison from library to OhioNET for OPAL systems and services.

  • Receives and shares with library staff important announcements and other critical information related to those systems and services.

  • Stays aware of and engaged in local projects and their impact on OPAL systems and their operations.

News or announcements that affect everyone are communicated through the OSHARE email list.  But for special projects or emergent system issues, particularly those that apply only to a subset of the group or to a single library, the lead implementor serves as the library's primary point of contact. That individual will share critical information with library staff and OhioNET to ensure the success of the project or the resolution of the issue.

The lead implementors' responsibility should not preclude day-to-day interaction with or impede exchange between OhioNET and other library staff.  In fact, regular or routine service requests needn't be routed through the lead implementor and can be submitted directly to OhioNET.  OhioNET will draw the lead implementor into any of these service issues when appropriate.

Find leads for each institution by searching the OPAL Directory and filtering by lead implentor.

OPAL At-a-Glance

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OPAL is a consortium of libraries at independent institutions of higher education in the State of Ohio. The OPAL consortium is administered by OhioNET. OPAL libraries are members of OhioLINK.