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Configuring Third Iron's LibKey

by Heidi Beke-Harrigan on 2021-01-21T10:30:00-05:00 in Third Iron, LibKey, EDS | Comments

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There are a number of options to consider if you've purchased Third Iron's LibKey. The individual components are broken down below and institutions can implement the ones that work best for their needs.

First step, Set up Your Account

Setup your Third Iron account using the account setup form. For the Title Search URL Result and the ISSN Search URL Result, Third Iron wants the institution to run a search for ‘lancet’ from the Publication Finder interface for a title and ISSN, and provide the resulting URL for the search results pages. 

As part of the form, you may request that LibKey Discovery coordinate with EBSCO to integrate LibKey into your EDS.

Here’s what the BrowZine integration with EBSCO EDS does:

  • Display of journal cover images​
  • Links to view the complete issue/journal in BrowZine into Full Text Finder and/or EDS​
  • LibKey Instant PDF functionality which allows users to access available PDFs on the publisher site, if the library subscribes and there is no EBSCO SmartLink or SmartLink+
  • View Complete Issue link appears for results with a matching Direct Object Identifier (DOI) and takes users directly to the issue of the journal in which that article appears on the BrowZine interface.
  • View Journal in BrowZine link appears on journal results that takes users to the latest issue of that journal on the BrowZine interface.
  • LibKey Instant PDF Link (EDS-BrowZine Direct to PDF custom link) appears for results with a matching Direct Object Identifier (DOI), linking the user directly to the PDF of the article on the publisher’s site (if the library subscribes, and there’s no EBSCO Smartlink or Smartlink+).

Custom Links Configured

These are usually configured by EBSCO has part of the discovery integration option with Third Iron. EBSCO asks that you do not change anything in these links other than the link text, or the link is likely to break.

  • EDS-BrowZine Direct to PDF Link (AKA LibKey Instant PDF custom link): LibKey links should resolve to a pdf on the publisher’s site. Note: these will not show if there is EBSCO PDF or HTML Full Text available.     
  • EDS-BrowZine: Links will often show as "View Complete Issue" and resolve to the BrowZine interface, with the specific article highlighted.
  • BrowZine link in Holdings Management
  • LibKey Instant PDF link in Holdings Management


LibKey Link

Once the integration work is completed LibKey will send you a unique LibKey link for your institution.You have the option to replace your current link resolver with your unique LibKey URL for a number of database vendors (general format[LibraryID]/openurl - [LibraryID] will be replaced with your ID). Specific instructions are noted next to each vendor listed below and details with screenshots can be found in How to add LibKey Link to several popular databases.

  • Google Scholar - EBSCO FTF: Email EBSCO customer support to request they update the URL used in Google Scholar for your institution and update in any other systems you have set up for Google Scholar.
  • Elsevier (Scopus, Science Direct, Embase, Engineering Village) - Modify link resolver in Elsevier Admin Tool
  • Web of Science - request by emailing support desk at
  • Proquest - add new custom link in the ProQuest Admin
  • OVID - Log into the Links Admin tool (detailed instructions in Third Iron Documentation)
  • Talis (Sage) - contact Talis support to utilize your LibKey Link in place of your link resolver.

Don't forget to contact OPALHelp and request that your EZProxy include support for LibKey.

PubMed Outside Tool

If you have Outside Tool set up for PubMed, log into Submission Utility for your institutional account and edit the Outside Tool Base URL by insert your LibKey LibraryID into the URL ([LibraryID]/pmid) and replace your link resolver.  

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave and Vivaldi browsers. LibKey Nomad connects researchers to library-licensed and open access full text articles referenced on scholarly websites like PubMed, Wikipedia and publisher pages. Instantly and in one-click! Download Nomad: is a landing page that enables your users to find articles using a DOI or PMID. Some institutions integrate by adding an extra search box option on their websites using a custom search form or LibGuide.


The OhioLINK LibKey subscription includes BrowZine. If you use BrowZine you may find the following documentation helpful:


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