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Cataloging Manual

Updates to the Cataloging Manual are in progress with the proposed changes highlighted in yellow for ease of review and comparison. Pages with changes have also been highlighted in the table of contents below. Work should be completed by the end of December, 2021. If you have any suggestions or feedback please send them to

Standards & Procedures

The contents of this manual were prepared by the Catalog/Database Committee Standards Task Force and approved by the Directors' Council, December 3rd, 2003.

Part One: Standards

  1. General Principles
  2. Types of Bibliographic Records Allowed
  3. Bibliographic Record Maintenance
    • Deletion of Records
    • Withdrawn Items
    • Handling Duplicate Bibliographic Records and Transfer of Attached Records
    • Monthly Cleanup
  4. Overlaying of Bibliographic Records
  5. Descriptive Cataloging Policies
  6. Bibliographic Standards for Non-MARC Records
  7. Attachments to Bibliographic Records
    • Item Records
    • Checkin Records

Part Two: Procedures

  1. Record Loading
  2. Cataloging in OPAL
  3. Processing Government Documents
  4. Open Access eBooks: Submission and Selection
  5. Updating Serial Holdings

Part Three: Appendices

  1. Appendix A: Authorized Cataloging Standards
  2. Appendix B: Institutional Names Used in 590 Field
  3. Appendix C: ITYPES
  4. Appendix D: ICODE1 Ranges and LOCATION and AGENCY codes
  5. Appendix E: MAT TYPE and SUPPRESS Codes for 949 Export Commands
  6. Appendix F: Create List Ranges
  7. Appendix G: Database and Record Structure
  8. Appendix H: Configuring OCLC to Export to OPAL
  9. Appendix I: Glossary
  10. Appendix J: Standardized List of Awards for 586 Field
  11. Appendix K: Exceptions to OPAL Cataloging Standards and Procedures
  12. Appendix L: Sample Workflows