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2021 OPAL Conference

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Proposal submission

OPAL members and guests* are invited to submit proposals
for the 2021 Conference

The deadline for proposals is Friday, May 14, 2021.

The annual conference is held to promote the work of our member libraries, to share information and practices, to provide vision for future activities, and to recognize the achievements of our libraries and staff. The 2021 conference will be held virtually on August 6, 2021.

We are looking for presentations that balance theory and practice and are presented in an engaging manner. Please consider submitting a proposal, even if you are still working out details. The planning task force will be sharing tips to help you successfully adapt your presentation to an online format and host a practice session to test connectivity and explore the conference platform in advance. 

Suggested Topics

  • Information literacy, bibliographic instruction, or trends in library & research instruction 

  • Outreach & instruction to different student cohorts: first-years, graduate, online/distance, or international 

  • Building relationships with or collaborating with other departments (internal) or community organizations (external) 

  • Technology in the library: LibGuides, social media, digitization projects, online tutorials, open educational resources (OER), etc. 

  • Creating inviting spaces in your library, library renovations 

  • Library statistics & data-driven decision making and advocacy 

  • Special collections & archives, preservation, etc. 

  • Cataloging: RDA, linked data, cooperative cataloging, etc. 

  • Technical services: processes, efficiencies, tips, training 

  • Circulation, PCIRC, ILL, etc. 

  • Student staff training & duties 

  • Collection management, weeding, acquisitions, book repair, etc. 

  • Assessment, accreditation, program review 

  • Any work that takes up your time is worth our time! 

Suggested Presentation Formats

  • Listen and Learn (45-minute session)
    Presenter(s) shares a product or idea, showcases best practices in an area of librarianship, and/or provides suggestions for practical application in the academic library.
  • Panel (45-minute session)
    A small group (a moderator and a maximum of three) in which the individual members present the same concepts or differing viewpoints on a topic. The purpose of a panel presentation is to be able to hear a wide range of perspectives on a given topic and to hear support and reasons for those positions from a group with experience in the area.
  • Conversation Group (45-minute session)
    Presenter(s) gives brief introductory remarks (5-10 minutes) around a specific topic and facilitates a discussion among participants.
  • Workshops (45-minute session)
    The presenter uses a lecture or hands-on format to deliver training on a specific topic.
  • Interest Group/Advisory Group Presentations (45-minute session)
    These are sponsored by Communities of Interest on a topic of their choice. 

* Guests refer to our colleagues in academic libraries that are not part of an OPAL institution. 

Submit all proposals here!